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The rich girl lifestyle

The Debt Payoff Binder

The Debt Payoff Binder

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Introducing the Rich Girl Debt Bundle, your ultimate tool for tracking debt elimination effortlessly. Stay organized with our Debt Payoff Binder A6, equipped with A6 Binder, envelopes, trackers, and saving cards to keep your debt payoff goals in check! Color may vary.

Included in the bundle:

  • 8 Blank A6 Envelopes 
  • 9 Debt Saving Cards: (2 Emergency cards) (2 1775cards) (2 575 cards) (1 4160) (1-1350) (1) Pitching
  • 1 PDF Expenses Tracker
  • 1 Pay Check Budget Tracker
  • 1 PDF Debt Tracker
  • A6 Binder 
  • 4 Video Trainings
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